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Mirchi Unveils

Mirchi Unveils

Mirchi, India’s leading city-centric music and entertainment company, is thrilled to announce the launch of “Mirchi Unpopular Opinion with Mirchi Mohor” an intimate chat show where artists get real with Mohor in ‘The Closet’ and unveil their stories and bold choices. 

This show is the host’s endeavour to reach out to influencers and actors, and explore their popular lives through unfiltered conversations, heart to heart exchange of thoughts inside a designer closet space. We chose the closet, as it’s a space where people often curate their identities and conceal their true selves, which serves as a powerful metaphor for the depth and vulnerability of the conversations taking place within the show.

In these times of quick popularity we often notice the perfect lives of the influencers and actors on screen, but it is the flaws these celebrities have that have shaped their journeys. This show is an effort to celebrate different , difficult choices – the unpopular opinion of these inspiring people.

Sushanta Panda: Business Director Mirchi Bangla – ’We are excited to announce the launch of ‘Mirchi Unpopular Opinion with Mirchi Mohor’, a talk show hosted by Mirchi Mohor that goes beyond the superficial layers of influencer and celebrity lives and brings out their authentic selves, resonating deeply with today’s youth in Bengal. This initiative marks a significant leap for Mirchi Bangla by staying updated with Bengal’s evolving trends.’’

The series has already shot four episodes, featuring various celebrities and influencers, including designer Abhishek Roy, actor-turned-influencer Swastika Dutta, food vlogger Kamalika Dey, influencers Prerana Das and Preeti Sarkar, actor-turned-influencer Devlina Kumar, and Actor Gourab Chatterjee who is also Uttam Kumar’s grandson’. 

Speaking about the show Gourab Chatterjee said, “We never got a platform where we could speak about the other side of our lives like this. Thanks, to Mirchi Mohor, for having such a beautiful, engaging conversation.”

 The on-ground launch event brought together artists from the shot episodes and those from upcoming ones, creating an exciting atmosphere for guests and fans alike. For the first time, Mirchi Bangla hosted a creators’ meet alongside the launch of the podcast, “Mirchi Unpopular Opinion.” Celebrities and influencers like Prerana Das, Preeti Sarkar, Mukul Kumar Jana, Richik Ghosh, Amitesh, Soham Sinha, Anuradha Mukherjee, Ratasree Dutta, Rituparna Sen, Kanchana Moitra, and Indranil Mukherjee joined them during the launch.

With the launch of “Mirchi Unpopular Opinion with Mirchi Mohor,” Mirchi Bangla aims to bring a refreshing and transformative approach to talk shows, highlighting the genuine side of celebrities and influencers in a relatable and captivating manner. The show’s unique format is expected to resonate with viewers, as it delves into the lives of well-known personalities and explores their personal journeys.

As the show unfolds, audiences can look forward to a diverse line-up of celebrities and influencers, each bringing their own unique stories and perspectives to the table. With “Mirchi Unpopular Opinion with Mirchi Mohor” Mirchi continues its commitment to delivering quality content and experiences that inspire, entertain, and engage its audience.



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