May 192019

An Indian actress named Rakhi Sawant has recently landed in hot water after she posted a picture of herself on social media holding a Pakistani flag.

Described by India Today as a “controversy’s child”, Sawant captioned the Instagram photo with the following statement: “I love my India but it’s my character in the film Dhara 370”.

As the media outlet points out, the picture quickly triggered a barrage of criticism, with many netizens bashing her for posing with the flag, and one of them even calling her “Ms Rakhi ‘Pakistani’ Sawant” and saying that she is “suitable for Pakistani citizenship”.

In a video response which she also posted on her Instagram page, Sawant pointed out that her character in the movie is actually a Pakistani girl, and insisted that she respects the people of Pakistan.

Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated earlier this year when at least 40 Indian security personnel were killed in a terrorist attack in Pulwama.

After a Pakistan-based terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack, New Delhi accused Islamabad of harbouring and sponsoring the terrorist outfit, with Pakistan rejecting these accusations and tensions later culminating in a dogfight over Kashmir.

Indian Express writes:

Despite her clarification in the caption, many trolled the actor and advised her to go to Pakistan. One of the comments on her post read, “You are suitable for Pakistani citizenship, Ms Rakhi ‘Pakistani’ Sawant.” Another Instagram user wrote, “Time to unfollow you.”

After getting many hate comments on her photo post, Rakhi Sawant shared a video where she explained she is playing a Pakistani girl in the movie Dhara 370. She also added that the people of Pakistan are also kind-hearted and she respects them. Adding to it, she said there are a few bad elements in every society who go against ‘Allah’ and ‘Ishwar’.

Rakhi didn’t stop here. The actor shared a few more photos of herself with the Pakistani flag. She posted another video and wrote, “Wen I have sain this movie that time I got to know that so many Pakisani people helping indian and Kasmiri people thanks to dos Pakistani people i saw bajarngi bhai jaan that is allso thruth in Pakistan there is good people allso there hu helps indian.”

Dhara 370 also stars Hiten Tejwani and is being shot in various parts of Uttrakhand.

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