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Freight Drivers Block Assam-Agartala National Highway, Demand Enhanced Security Measures at Churaibari

Freight Drivers Block Assam-Agartala National Highway, Demand Enhanced Security Measures at Churaibari

Agartala, March 13, 2024: In a demonstration of frustration over security concerns and prolonged vehicle checking, freight drivers staged a blockade on the Assam-Agartala national highway near the area at Churaibari under North Tripura district. The blockade, initiated on Wednesday morning, was prompted by the absence of sophisticated scanning equipment at the police checkpoints, exacerbating delays and vulnerabilities to theft.

Tripura Police and Assam Police, stationed at either side of the blockade, intensified vehicle inspections to curb the illicit drug trade. However, lacking advanced scanner machines, the checks are carried out manually by laborers. Freight drivers lamented that this process not only consumes excessive time but also exposes their cargo to potential pilferage. Additionally, drivers are compelled to compensate the laborers conducting the checks, further adding to their grievances.

Compounded by the absence of basic amenities such as drinking water, food, and restroom facilities at the checkpoints, the drivers’ discontent reached a boiling point, leading to their participation in the blockade.

Expressing their demands, the drivers advocated for the installation of sophisticated scanning equipment to expedite the inspection process, thus minimizing delays and enhancing efficiency. Furthermore, they called for stringent measures against individuals involved in drug trafficking, including the trafficking of narcotics like ganja.

The agitation was resolved following intervention by high-ranking officials of the state government. Biplab Das, secretary of the Bharatiya Majdoor Sangh, and Samaresh Das of Churaibari police station confirmed the acceptance of the drivers’ demands. Plans are underway to install scanner machines at Churaibari Police Naka point in the coming days. Additionally, provisions will be made for restroom facilities equipped with drinking water systems for the convenience of lorry drivers in the Churaibari area.

With these assurances, the freight drivers lifted the blockade at six in the evening, signaling a temporary cessation of their protest until the promised measures are implemented.

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