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Deepraj’s Mortal Remains Arrives Home in Coffin; Family Shattered

Deepraj’s Mortal Remains Arrives Home in Coffin; Family Shattered

Agartala, May 03, 2024: In an unforeseen and devastating development, a Tripura family’s joy turned to sorrow as Deepraj Debbarma, a resident of Kamalpur tragically lost his life in a bus accident at Dima Hasao district of Assam. Deepraj, who had recently tied the knot four months back was traveling to Guwahati for a job interview of the Tripura State Cooperative Bank when the accident took place on May 01 last.

The community of Kamalpur was shaken when news broke that Deepraj’s journey ended in tragedy, with his mortal remains being returned home in a coffin, shattering the dreams and expectations of his newlywed wife and family on Friday morning. The anticipation of a warm embrace was replaced by the cold reality of a final farewell.

Deepraj’s parents, who had envisioned a bright future for their son working at the bank, were left speechless and defeated by fate. The arrival of Deepraj’s coffin at their doorstep prompted an outpouring of grief, with his father collapsing in tears and his mother rendered senseless by the loss. The family’s reluctance to part with Deepraj’s body for the last rites underscored the depth of their despair.

The accident which took place on a Sherowali Travels’ bus at Ditakchera in the Dima Hasao district of Assam, has raised questions about the lack of administrative support following such incidents. Despite the severity of the situation, the family received no assistance from local authorities and had to independently arrange for the transportation of Deepraj’s body from Silchar.

The Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), along with other youth organizations like TYF, SFI, and TSU, have expressed outrage over the administration’s inaction. Nabarun Deb, the State Secretary of DYFI, highlighted the delay in post-mortem procedures and the absence of official support for the bereaved family.

The family’s plight has prompted calls for the administration to provide a job to one of the deceased’s family members as compensation. The youth organizations are using this incident to draw attention to what they perceive as the administration’s negligence and are demanding that officials visit the family and offer their support.

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